zelda twilight princess 4k texture pack

Hello! This is my HD texture pack page for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess!    

Some general info regarding this texture pack which you should read before you download it;


  • There are ~5000 textures in total in the game (I have tried to dump every single one, however I may have missed a few). Out of these textures a few hundred have been completely re-textured. Many other textures have been been up-scaled using A.I upscaling. Some filtered textures have been modified or changed entirely to look better as well. Some textures remain completely untouched until I've worked on them since some textures look bad when upscaled.

  • I am completely up for suggestions, changes and submissions. You will of course be fully credited for any work you submit.

  • The 4K version of the texture pack is scaled to 8x the default resolution, this means that (if internal resolution is increased in Dolphin) you may be able to view some textures at a staggering 6832x3480 resolution! Taking into account that you are using the provided widescreen hack of course. The 1080p version is scaled to 4x the default resolution, which results to slightly above 1080p.

  • My goal with this texture pack is to enhance the original game visuals while staying faithful to the original vision. That means my textures are meant to blend in as much as possible with the old textures so the game feel doesn't change.

  • This texture pack is for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the GameCube and Wii only. There are no plans to port it to the Wii U version.

  • This texture pack will work with any custom mods / hacks of Zelda: Twilight Princess as long as they aren't adding new textures or changing old ones (in that case, conflicting textures will be overwritten by one another but it will still work).

  • Ishiiruka-Dolphin is required to make material maps, shaders and other nice visual features work and is highly recommended. There is a custom fork of Ishiiruka Dolphin inside the texture pack download which you can use, or alternatively download the latest version of Ishiiruka-Dolphin.


  • There is no 60 FPS patch available as of yet. You can however play the game on a modern TV with active frame interpolation to get a faked 60 FPS, at the cost of increased input lag.


  • Currently, only NTCS and PAL textures have been modified. You can still use this texture pack on Japanense / Korean versions of the game in Dolphin, it will still work. This will not include the Jap/Kor region specific textures though.

  • If you don't like the way my texture pack looks over the Wii U version, please note that all post processing can be modified easily from user to user to fit your own preference, you can make it look however you like. If you still think "I'd rather just play the Wii U version" then this probably isn't for you.

  • If you are having issues with stuttering and lag, remember to check "Prefetch Custom Textures" in the 'Advanced' tab of the Graphics settings before asking for help. I also recommend enabling V-Sync as it removes screen tearing in full screen mode.


Why would I play this over the Wii U version?


There are many reasons why you would want to play the GameCube or Wii version of Twilight Princess with a HD Texture Pack over the Wii U version. Here are some I've listed out the top of my head;


  • Better visuals (Higher resolution textures, material maps, rim lighting, depth of field, ambient occlusion, global illumination, tonemapping, post processing shaders and even ray tracing!)

  • iOS & Android Support

  • Higher compatibility with various systems  (OpenGL, DirectX9, DirectX11 & 12, Vulkan)

  • Superior mods and modding tools

  • Free Cam

  • Supports a plethora of cheats and patches

  • Stereoscopic 3D support

  • VR Potential

  • Supports the Wii version and Motion Controls

  • Supports the GameCube version and any glitches present there, this includes the speedrun community build


If you still don't think playing with my texture pack is the better way to enjoy the game over the Wii U version, then this isn't for you.


Video preview

(Please watch in 1440p, 60 FPS for the best experience!)

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There is no installation! A custom version of Dolphin called Ishiiruka Dolphin is provided alongside the texture pack. Simply extract the folder somewhere and start Dolphin using "ZTP4K Dolphin Emulator.exe", then open up your own game rom of Twilight Princess and play. If you're on Mac or Linux, please manually download Ishiiruka Dolphin from this page for your operating system and copy all the folders from the texture pack over to your default Dolphin directory. However, you do need the game rom to start the game, which isn't included for legal reasons. Information on how to dump your own game rom legally can be found here.

How do I get the game rom?

No game files are distributed with this texture pack, since that would be illegal. You need to get the game .iso yourself. The legal way is to dump the game yourself from your own GameCube or Wii console. See these instructions!

What are the differences between the "Standard Edition" and the "Post Processing Edition"?

There are two versions of the texture pack you get to select once you've downloaded it. One is the "Post Processing Edition", which includes all the post processing effects showcased in the trailer like ambient occlusion, tone mapping, bloom, material maps and more. The other version is the "Standard Edition" which doesn't include these features but has some other benefits instead.

The Post Processing Edition utilizes Ishiiruka Dolphin to achieve these features, and has some graphical features implemented not available in regular Dolphin at all. It also requires Windows 7 or higher (not compatible with MacOS or Linux) and a dedicated graphics card. Both editions include a controller preset for common gamepads like the Xbox One controller, and the base textures are the same! The standard edition version alleviates some minor Dolphin bugs present in Ishiiruka Dolphin (increased stability, for example) and supports MacOS & Linux, too! But does not support any of the additional graphical features listed above, like material maps or ambient occlusion. Both versions look stunning so if you're uncertain I recommend you play the standard version- or try out both and see which one you prefer! The screenshots above are taken using the post-processing edition, a comparison might be coming shortly!

Why is the game crashing / displaying "Fifo Error: Shutting Down"

The reason why is most likely because you don't have the latest C++ Redist from Microsoft installed. This is required on most Windows setups or else the game won't boot. You can download it for free from Microsoft's website here. If it's still crashing after you've installed C++ Redist, it might be because you're using an WBFS, WFS or .NKIT ISO. You need a regular ISO version to play the game without any errors- NKIT is NOT supported. You can convert your NKIT to a regular ISO easily using the free NKIT to ISO converter.

Why am I getting a "Failed to enumerate outputs!" error / why are my item icons messed up?

This error appears when your graphics card is not able to be initialised for use in Dolphin, which can result in several issues (including crashing, random texture corruption and other graphical features not working as intended). It is therefore highly recommended that you perform the following actions to fix the error before playing the game. Fixing it is a simple two-step process:

1. Select "Use Maximum performance" as the power management mode for ZTP4K.exe (the dolphin launch program inside of the corresponding texture pack folder) in the NVIDIA Control Panel program on your PC. Go into the nvidia control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings tab > click "Add" and find the ZTP4K.exe file in the texture pack directory you use to play the texture pack. Then set the mode for power management in the list to "Prefer maximum performance"

2. On Windows 10 and newer, you must set the graphics mode for the exe in the Windows settings as well. Go to System > Display options > Graphics settings in the Windows settings and click the "Browse" button under the Desktop App list button and then select the correct texture pack ZTP4K.exe just like in the NVIDIA Control Panel. It should get added to the list of apps in the same menu. Now, click it in the list and then "Options" > Select the "High Performance" in the menu that appears. Done! Restart the emulator and the error should now be gone.

Updating from an older version is super simple:

Just copy & paste the "GC" and "Wii" folders inside the "User" folder in the texture pack directory over to the new version's User folder and it should work straight away! This will transfer all your saves files over, which are cross compatible between updates.


If you encounter any issues with the texture pack please post them on the Forums or on Discord!



Download 4x (1080p)

Download 8x (4K) (Patreon Release)

Download 8x (4K) Android Version (Patreon Release)


If you want, become a Patron and get all my texture pack updates two weeks early, as well as access to the max resolution version of the texture pack!



1.1.3 (2021-06-01):

  • Easy Wii/GameCube version selection (with the groundwork for automatic version selection coming soon)

  • Better MacOS compatibility + improved Mac installation instructions

  • Support for M1 Macs

  • Updated some textures that weren't displaying correctly, most notably in Lake Hylia.

  • Updated the Ishiiruka Dolphin fork to support automatic region loading of textures + performance improvements.

  • New controller configuration for the Wii version.

  • Fixed several oversights and bugs, including mismatched default settings in the 1080p version as well as tesselation issues in Hyrule Field.

1.1.2 (2021-03-16):

  • 300+ new 4K textures in several key areas of the game!

  • New custom made 4K font for all text messages.

  • New specular shaders for textures (what makes slippery surfaces shiny and metallic surfaces glossy)

  • Over 160 new material maps!

  • Brand new 8K textures for Hyrule Field and Hidden Village (for huge textures like the environment, cliff walls etc. where the texture covers a large area)

  • Updated cheat codes, including an improved widescreen code which doesn't stutter!

  • Shader updates + new color profile for the default shader

  • Crash fixes and general bug fixes

1.1.1 (2021-01-29):

  • New and improved 4K textures in several areas, including Temple of Time, the Ordon Province, Hidden Village and more!

  • Fixed the stuttering issue present in previous releases thanks to a new improved widescreen code, it should be enabled by default! You can still play with the old code if you so please, since it's still included.

  • Over 60 new material maps! (What makes textures look rough/shiny, slippery surfaces shiny and metallic surfaces glossy! It's also what provides a simulated sense of "depth" and lighting without physically based lighting.)

  • New default input presets for PS4 and Keyboard controls.

  • Fixed the "eyes are black" issue which affected a few select NPCs.

  • Several bug fixes and other minor improvements.'

1.1.0 (2020-12-24):

  • New and improved 4K textures in several areas, including all field areas and caves, trees and more!

  • A new standard & post-processing edition selection with greatly increased compatibility with various systems!

  • Increased performance over previous releases.

  • Internal shader updates and tweaks.

  • Several crash fixes

  • Full Android Support on Dolphin MMJR!

  • Permanently fixed the "some textures are not loading properly in some areas" glitch.

1.0.5 (2020-10-27):

  • Many, many bug fixes!

  • Full Wii version support out of the box

  • Environment texture updates (Focus on Ordona & Hyrule Castle)

  • Updated eye textures

  • Fixed the hawkeye "black screen" bug

  • Shader Tweaks

  • New custom shader, "Henriko Magnifico Vanilla Ultra" which s much closer to the original art style.

  • Various minor changes.

1.0.4 (2020-08-08):

  • ~80 new and updated textures. Focused on the user-interface!

  • New UI textures (item icons, button textures etc)

  • Fixed the infamous "black eyes" glitch present on multiple NPCs.

  • Fixed the game not being properly playable on the European (PAL) version of the game.

  • Fixed the "1/4 of my screen is weird" bug.

  • Laid the groundwork for a W.I.P 60 FPS patch (not quite ready!)

  • Shader tweaks for improved visuals.

  • Performance improvements and optimizations

1.0.3 (2020-07-26):

  • Over 230 edited and updated textures primarily focused on covering the first three dungeons of the game completely; the Forest Temple, the Goron Mines and the Lakebed Temple.

  • Fixed the annoying stuttering present in previous releases.

1.0.2 (2020-07-01):

  • Over 150 new HD textures! Includes many environment textures like hedges, leaves, bark, rocks, pillars, tiles, ladders, ropes and more. See these screenshots for examples!

  • Improved performance and quality of the included shaders.

  • Now in the .DDS BC7 format which dramatically reduces file size and improves performance without any noticable quality loss.

  • Even easier install, now there's no installer at all! Simply extract the texture pack to your desktop and start using the provided "ZTP4K Dolphin Emulator.exe" file, which is a custom fork of Ishiiruka Dolphin.

  • Fixed some bugs (not golden bugs, sorry!)

1.0.1 (2020-06-14):

  • Many new and updated textures. I focused on the UI this update!

  • Updated shaders + new ones!

  • Now has Environment Maps (Improved reflections on shiny and metallic surfaces)!

  • Improved installation to make it easy and portable on all systems. No more crashes or error. Simply extract the folder anywhere and play using the provided version of Ishiiruka Dolphin!

  • Early W.I.P support for the Wii version of Twilight Princess! Let me know if you experience any bugs or issues.

  • New tweaked preset settings, should work reliably now! 1.0.0c (2020-06-02):

  • Fixes various bugs.

  • Tweaked the shader configuration.

  • Updated the instructions manual.

1.0.0 (2020-05-16):

  • Initial release