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My Games

Wait, you make games?

  • Yes, I do! I've made quite a few games so far and the ones I'm most proud of I've published here so that you can easily download and play (some of) them if you'd like. If you have any questions regarding any of my games, please don't hesitate to ask me on Discord!

mama goose cover art 1024x1024 png v1.png

Windows, Mac, Linux

Mama Goose

A cute game about a mother goose on their quest to save baby animals from hungry foxes!

Currently in development! ETA is Summer 2023.

No demo available at the moment.

under the roots 1-1 cover art 1024x1024.png

Windows, Mac, Linux

Under the Roots

A game about a corageous toadstool who's on a journey to find a cure for a deadly disease beneath the forest floor.

Currently in early development! No ETA yet.

Get the pre-alpha prototype here!



Fan Projects

ZeldaPC Logo V2 with PC text.png



An enhanced experimental version of the original The Legend of Zelda built from the ground up using mostly the same in-game assets and level design. It offers quite a few interesting features and mechanics exclusive to this version like enhanced lighting, object shadows, 1080p resolution, a seamless open world without screen-transitions in the overworld and a 16:9 widescreen format for modern screens. I've also added some features just for fun, like flammable grass and cuttable trees! (similar to that Breath of the Wild 2D prototype)

For more information and a download link to the demo, visit this page!

earthbound reborn onett mp3 cover art 1.


EarthBound: Reborn

A small preview of my Earthbound "remake" or whatever you want to call it.

The goal of this project is to learn and to implement an improved* battle system.

Textures, music, story and pretty much all else will remain the same as the original. However, as the game was rebuilt from scratch, I've of course made quite a few changes from the original game.​

Check out the video showcases here!

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