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Welcome to HenrikoCraft – Where Adventure Awaits!

🌍 Discover 100+ new biomes in our custom terrain!
🏰 Conquer dungeons with powerful bosses!
🌦️ Experience dynamic seasons and unlock skills!
🌟 Enjoy a grief-free, community-centered environment!
💰 No pay-to-win – everything is free!

Join us today for the ultimate survival experience.
Visit and stay to explore endless adventures!



Our Key Features:

  • 🌟 Fair Play: No pay-to-win, equal opportunities for all.

  • 🚫 Respectful Community: A safe and friendly environment.

  • 🌍 Diverse World: 100+ biomes and unique structures.

  • 🌦️ Seasonal Challenges

  • 🌡️ Temperature Dynamics

  • 🪝 Craftable Grappling Hooks

  • 🛡️ Armored Elytra

  • 🧪Alchemy: Craft normally uncraftable items like spawn eggs!

  • 🏗️ Lasting Creations: Your builds endure, no world resets!

  • 👥 Active Community

  • 🌟 Progressive Levels

  • 💼 Player-Driven Economy: A Thriving in-game market

  • 🎁 Unique Gear and Custom Items

  • 🎉 Community Events

  • 🌟 Experienced Staff

  • 🌐 Cross-Platform Play: Play Across All Platforms!

...and much much more!

cross compatibility snap icon png.png

Fully Cross-Compatible
Whether you use Java or Bedrock Edition- the server works the same on both.
Join from your PC, phone or console with no extra effort required! No one is left behind!

HenrikoCraft Nintendo Switch Image 1.jpg

An example of the new "animated doors & bridges" functionality, present on our server!

We've got some very talented builders as well!


Plus some other nice things like:

  • A challenging but balanced survival experience!

  • A creative world for exploring your creativity!

  • No paid or VIP ranks or perks. Everything's free!

  • Frequent updates and new additions!

Join us today!


Port: 19132 (Only on Bedrock Edition!)

And if you haven't already,
join our Discord server!

3D Map
Important info & FAQ

Important Information & F.A.Q:

🔒How do I claim / protect my builds and my chests?

  • You can easily protect your builds by creating a Town inside or around it, and then claiming the land where it is located. To create a town, simply enter the command in chat /t new [town name here]. It should then say in the chat that you've created a new town with your specified name!

  • From there, to claim the area to protect it, use the command /t claim whilst standing in a location where you want to claim. It will then protect a 16x16 area around where you're standing when you entered the command. Do this multiple times at different locations until the action bar (the text above your hearts in-game) doesn't say "~ Wilderness" but instead says your town's name, or alternatively "~ Home". Then you know you've safely claimed your land!

How To Protect
How do seasons work

❄️How do the seasons work?

  • The server offers proper seasons with changing climate and seasonal effects, which actually affect gameplay in various ways! Seasons change automatically according to the real-life seasons, and last roughly 3 real life months each. Some seasonal effects include;

  • Snowing in the winter, except for hot biomes like jungles or deserts.

  • Cold temperature in the winter, making it necessary to warm yourself to not get serious debuffs. Ways to do this includes wearing warm clothing (leather armour), staying near heat sources (like torches, camp fires, lava etc.) or intense movement (like running, cutting wood etc.)

  • Water will turn to ice in the winter, and melt again in the spring.

  • In the summer, the opposite applies. You will get hot if you're out in the sun for too long, and must cool yourself in different ways. Wearing armour is not always beneficial, since it makes you heat up a lot more in the summer and spring season.

  • Crops will grow quicker in the summer and fall, and slower in the winter.

  • Wintery mobs will spawn in the winter, and summery in the summer. Like polar pears, wolves and snowmen in the winter, and parrots and pandas in the summer.

  • Flowers will spawn frequently in the spring.

  • It will rain more in the fall.

  • And many more details...

💰How do I earn money? (And why should I?)

  • Earning money is an essential way to trade with other players, and to expand the claimed area of your town.

  • Check how much money you have by typing /money.

  • You can purchase more claim blocks for your town easily using by using the in-game currency, which you can attain either by selling items to other players, or by voting once every 24 hours on one or all of the three available server lists which you can access by typing /voteall in the chat in-game, for a total of $600 in-game money every day, if you vote on all three sites.

  • Voting is highly recommended because it helps spread the word about our server, making it appear higher on public server lists so that more people can find it!

  • You can also spend money on other things, like purchasing your own claimed plots inside the spawn area for setting up your own shops and so on. You can also deposit money into your town's wallet for further claim expansion, and to unlock more features like outposts, nations etc.!

How to earn money
Server Rules

📜What are the server rules?

  1. Be respectful to everyone, including staff members.

  2. Be ethical, use common sense.

  3. Griefing, Raiding or stealing is NOT allowed and is punishable through a permanent ban.

  4. Don't beg for items (or ranks/perks).

  5. Don't use slurs or derogatory terms.

  6. Don't use cheats, hacks or exploits that may give you an unfair advantage against other players.

  7. YOU are responsible for YOUR actions. If you leave your base unclaimed, you must not expect full compensation in return from staff members. Remember to claim it by making a town using /t new [name]

  8. This is NOT a PVP server. Make sure the other player is okay with the combat beforehand.

  9. Only speak English in global chat, other languages should be kept in private messages between players.

  10. Don't lie. Not to other players, or to staff.

  11. Some swearing is allowed, but exessive swearing or the use of slurs of derogatory terms is not condoned.

🪝How do I craft grappling hooks?

  • To craft a grappling hook, combine a fishing rod and three iron ingots inside of a Crafting Table according to the pattern shown in the image below.

  • A grappling hook has 20 uses by default, but can be upgraded using gold ingots, diamonds or even netherite to increase the amount of uses!

  • To use the grappling hook, simply throw the line and then right click once the "bobber" has landed in an appropriate location to launch yourself towards it. It is a bit tricky and might require some practice.

Craft Grappling Hooks
Skärmbild 2021-12-12 001832.png
How to use alchemy

🧙How do I use alechemy, and why should I?

  • Another of the server's unique features is Alchemy. It let's you combine two items together to create a new one by simply dropping them inside a bubbling cauldron!

  • First, you must create a cauldron and fill it with water. Next, place the cauldron above a heat source of some kind (fire, lava etc.) After a few seconds the cauldron should start bubbling, then you know it's ready!

  • Next, throw in two or more ingredients and the result should jump out of the cauldron if you've done it correctly!

  • Some recipes require "Essence", which you can get from right clicking on entities while holding a "Vial of Essence", which you can craft with 3 glass panes (in the same pattern as regular bottles)


Alchemy Recipes:

  • 1x Beetroot: 1x beetroot seeds + 4x bone meal

  • 1x Wheat: 1x wheat seeds + 4x bone meal

  • 1x Pumpkin: 1x pumpkin seeds + 4x bone meal

  • 1x Melon: 1x melon seeds + 4x bone meal

  • 1x Beetroot Soup: 1x bowl + 4x beetroot

  • 1x Mushroom Stew: 1x bowl + 1x brown + 1x red mushroom

  • 1x Rabbit Stew: 1x bowl + 1x brown/red mushroom + 1x cooked rabbit + 1x baked potato

  • 4x Glow Berries: 4x sweet berries + 1x glowstone dust

  • 2x Fermented Spider Eye: 1x spider eye + 1x brown mushroom + 1x sugar

  • 2x Glowstone Dust: 1x coal + 1x redstone

  • 8x Concrete: 8x concrete powder + 1x gravel (all 16 variants)

  • 1x Emerald: 500 villager essence + 1 diamond

  • 1x Blaze Rod: 50 blaze essence + 1 stick

  • 1x Ghast Tear: 250 ghast essence + 1 iron nugget

  • 2x Gunpowder: 50 creeper essence + 1 redstone

  • 1x Ink Sac: 25 squid essence + 1 black dye

  • 1x Glow Ink Sac: 50 squid essence + 1 glowstone

  • 3x Leather: 250 cow essence + 4 rotten flesh

  • 2x Turtle Egg: 100 turtle essence + 1 egg

  • 1x Heart of the Sea: 250 dolphin essence + 4 nautilus shells

  • 4x Honeycomb: 1 honey bottle + 1 sugar

  • 8x Gravel: 8 cobblestone + 1 flint

  • 8x Sand: 8 gravel + 1 flint

  • 8x Nether Bricks: 8 Stone Bricks + 8 Netherrack

  • 1x Bottle O' Enchanting: 1 Ender Pearl + 1 Glass Bottle

  • 1x Clay Ball: 1x Dirt + 1x Sand + 1x Copper Ingot

  • 1x Saddle: 2x Copper Ingot + 3x Leather

  • 1x Cobweb: 4x String + 1x Slime Ball

  • 1x Cobweb Alternate Version: 4x String + 1x Honey Bottle

  • 1x Gilded Blackstone: 1x Blackstone + 1x Gold Ingot

  • 1x Cat Spawn Egg: 100 Cat Essence + 1x Turtle Egg

  • 1x Villager Spawn Egg: 100 Villager Essence + 1x Turtle Egg

  • 1x Cow Spawn Egg: 100 Cow Essence + 1x Turtle Egg

How to rank up

🥇How do I rank up? And what do the ranks do?

  • Ranking up is the way you gain access to more of the server's features, as a reward for staying dedicated to the server and our community!

  • You rank up automatically based on your play time, and some other criteria like how many blocks you have placed and how much XP you have gathered in total.

  • You can manually check these criteria, as well as your play time, by typing /rank in the chat.

  • The ranks are as following;

List of ranks an perks

Unranked (Default)

  • The default rank every player starts with. It has no special perks, but can use all basic functionality the server has to offer.


  • Criteria: 2+ hours of total play time + 100 blocks moved.

  • Perks: Can create and use player shops.


  • Criteria: 10+ hours of total play time + 5000 blocks moved.

  • Perks: Can create 1 animated door, portcullis or bridge, which can be activated using redstone. Can create 2 homes using /sethome instead of just one. Gets $2500 as a bonus.


  • Criteria: 100+ hours of total play time + 25000 blocks moved + 25 levels in XP.

  • Perks: Can create 2 animated doors, portcullis or bridges, which can be activated using redstone. Can set any custom plot flag on their plot, including special game rules, biomes, spawning or weather conditions. Gets $5000 as a bonus.


  • Criteria: 200+ hours of total play time + 100000 blocks moved + 25 Levels XP + 1500 MCMMO Power Level + 50 votes + 1+ Wither killed.

  • Perks: Can create 3 homes using /sethome instead of just one. Can create up to 3 animated doors or bridges, and can toggle them remotely as well. Gets $10000 as a bonus.


  • Criteria: 400+ hours of total play time + 250000 blocks moved + 100 Levels in XP + 250 votes + 85 advancements + 2000 MCMMO Power Level + 3+ Withers killed.

  • Perks: Can have up to 3 separate plots. Can set up to 5 individual homes using /sethome. Can create up to 10 animated doors or bridges, and can also automate the door(s) closing times. Gets $25000 as a bonus. Gets a custom formatted nickname in the chat.


  • Criteria: 800+ hours of total play time + 500000 blocks moved + 400 votes + 500 fish caught + 1000 sheep sheared + 95 advancements + 100 cake slices eaten + 500 deaths + 2500 MCMMO Power Level.

  • Perks: Gets access to the commands; /workbench, /loom, /anvil, /cartographytable, /grindstone and /smithingtable, /stonecutter. Gets $50,000 as a bonus

Towny Guide
towny logo text v2 png.png


castle icon 1500x1500 with drop shadow.png

🏰What is Towny? And why should I use it?

  • Towny is a primary plugin used on our server to let players claim and protect land, builds, chests and other precious things from outsider modification.

  • Learning how to make or join a town and how to claim the land around it is crucial information for any player who doesn't want to risk their property being griefed or stolen.

  • Towns can consist of just one person or as many people as you like. Inviting more people to join your own will make it more powerful, and grants more available claim blocks and increased negotiation power over other towns.

🔨How to make a town and how to claim land

  • To make your own town, find the location where you want your town to be located at (usually this is your base) and type the command /t new (townname) in the chat.

  • If you have enough funds in your account (at least $250, the cost of a new town), the town will be created. Use the command /money to see your current funds.

  • From here, to claim and protect the area around your new town, use the command /t claim whilst standing in an unclaimed area (called "~Wilderness" as stated in the text above your item hotbar).

  • You must use the /t claim command once per every chunk around your town you want to claim. Every chunk you claim costs $50 from your town bank, and the price goes up for every extra claim you make.

  • The amount of chunks you can claim varies depending on your town power (how many people are in your town) as well as how many bonus claim blocks you have purchased (by using the command /town buy bonus (amount)).

  • To claim more land, you must deposit money into your town which will be deducted whenever you claim more land in your town. Use the command /t deposit (amount) to deposit money from your own fund into the town bank. Use /t withdraw (amount) to withdraw money.

  • Use /money to see your own personal balance, from which you are depositing money to/from the town's bank.

  • Any member of a town can do this, and it's usually advised that a town tax is to be set in place by the town's Mayor to ensure the town gets enough funding to extend it's claims!

📜Towny Commands & Explanations:

  • /t new (your town's name) -- Creates a town with that name, if you have the money to do so. Costs $250.

  • /t set name (new name) -- Renames your town. Costs $10.

  • /t add (name of player) -- Invite another player to your town.

  • /accept (your town's name) -- Join a town you've been invited to.

  • /t invite -(name of player) -- Cancel a sent player invite to your town.

  • /t leave -- Leave the town you're in.

  • /t kick (name of player) -- Kick a player from your town.

  • /t set perm off -- Prevent residents (members) in your town from building or using containers. This is useful when making a town which utilizes player plots which residents can buy (or rent for a fee) from the town.

  • /t claim -- To claim a chunk. Costs $50.

  • /t claim outpost -- Claims a chunk that is not adjacent from any chunk neighboring the town "Home" chunk. Costs $1000.

  • /t unclaim -- Unclaims / abandons a chunk.

  • /t buy bonus (number of chunks) -- Buy extra claim chunk. Costs $250. Exponential cost.

  • /t deposit (amount of money) -- Manually transfer money from their balance to the town bank any time. Any resident in a town can use this command at any time.

  • /plot forsale (price) -- Used by the Mayor whilst standing in a claimed chunk to create a plot that can be sold to a resident.

  • /plot claim -- Any resident can type whilst standing in a plot to buy it for the set price. The money is transferred from the resident's balance to the town bank.

  • /plot notforsale -- Can be used by the town Mayor to withdraw a plot from sale.

  • /plot unclaim -- Can be used by a town resident while standing on one of their own plots to remove ownership of it (to "unclaim" it).

  • /t spawn -- Teleport back to your town's spawnpoint.

  • /t set homeblock -- Change the location of your town's homeblock.

  • /t set spawn -- Change the location of the town's spawnpoint.

  • /t set perm (town permission level) (permission type) (on/off) -- Configure general town permissions for all unowned town plots in the town

  • /plot set perm (town permission level) (permission type) (on/off) -- Configure individual town permissions for the unowned town plot you are standing on.

  • /res set perm (plot permission level) (permission type) (on/off) -- Configure resident permissions for all your owned resident plots.

  • /plot set perm (plot permission level) (permission type) (on/off) -- Configure plot permissions for the resident plot you are standing on.

  • /t trust add (name of player) -- Trust a player with all claims of your town. Extremely risky, only use if you TRULY trust this player with your whole town.

  • /t trust remove (name of player) -- Remove trusted player from town.

  • /t set perm reset -- Reset your town's set permissions to the default.

🪜Permission Levels:

  • Permission levels are similar to the notion of groups, and they have a hierarchy. Unowned town plots have different permission levels from resident plots (owned town plots).

  • Town permission levels apply to unowned town plots:

  • Resident — Resident. All residents that are part of the town have a permission type in that unowned town plot.

  • Nation — Nation. All nation members of your own nation have a permission type in that unowned town plot.

  • Ally — Ally. All nation members of your allied nations have a permission type in that unowned town plot, but not nation members of your own nation.

  • Outsider — Outsider. All players except the ones listed above have access to a permission type in that unowned town plot.

  • Plot permission levels apply to resident plots:

  • Friend — Friend. All players in your friend list have a permission type in that resident plot.

  • Town — Town. All residents that are part of your town have a permission type in that resident plot.

  • Ally — Allied. All nation members of your nation and your allied nations have a permission type in that resident plot.

  • Outsider — Outsider. All players except the ones listed above have access to the permission type in that resident plot.


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