My Minecraft Servers

The BITCraft Server

A whitelisted server hosted by me and maintained by me among several other community members. The BITCraft server offers a high quality & friendly survival and creative experience and has been running through all previous updates, from old alpha to the most recent version! A link to the application form can be found within the Back in Time Discord server below.

Server IP:

Note: The server is for Java and Bedrock Edition with true crossplay with Java Edition!

Interactive Map

I hope to see you there!


BITGenerations is a dedicated server using the Yao Pack modpack, which is a collection of my favorite mods along with many community favorites such as AA2, EnderIO, Aether, BuildCraft, IC2, GalactiCraft, Thermal Expansion, Blood Magic, Twilight Forest, Botania, Quark, PSI, Mekanism, MPS, IE, ProjectRed and more. All fully compatible with SMP 1.12.2! The server is already added to your server list when you launch Yao Pack. It couldn't be easier!

Download for free through Technic Launcher!

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