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What is Henriko Launcher?

It's a blazing fast, lightweight but still feature packed modpack launcher for Minecraft tailored specifically for modpacks like Yao Pack and Magnifico PackHere are some of the awesome things about it!

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It's Lightning Fast
Henriko Launcher is built on a modern kernel and has been optimized to offer peak performance at all times. Not only does the launcher use fewer background resources, but modpacks also run smoother thanks to some clever optimization!

Dead Simple
Just log in with your Minecraft account securely and directly through Microsoft's or Mojang's authentication servers and click play. The launcher installs java, downloads the mods and all that in the background for you. All you need to focus on is the game itself!

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Extensive Customization
Henriko Launcher lets you customize and tweak settings easily and extensively. Quickly disable or enable individual mods in the settings menu, or enable shaders directly in the menu if you want your game even more shiny. Oh, and it supports multiple accounts of course!


Whether you use Windows, MacOS or Linux- the launcher works the same on all of them. That is, it works really well on all platforms. No one is left behind!

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And of course, it looks really nice too!

Plus some other nice things like:

  • Microsoft account support

  • Live server player count

  • News feed

  • Easy Shader + Resource Pack Selection

  • File validation on launch

  • Automatic updates and more!


You can get it here, for free.

Need support or just want to hang out?

Join my Discord server!

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