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Hi! Welcome to my HD texture pack information page for Luigi's Mansion 4K!

Some general info regarding this texture pack which you should read before you download it;


  • There are ~2800 textures in total in the game (I have tried to dump every single one, however I may have missed a few). Out of these textures a few hundred have been completely re-textured. Many other textures have been been up-scaled using A.I upscaling. Some filtered textures have been modified or changed entirely to look better as well. Some textures remain completely untouched until I've worked on them since some textures look bad when upscaled.

  • I am completely up for suggestions, changes and submissions. You will of course be fully credited for any work you submit.

  • The 4K version of the texture pack is scaled to 8x the default resolution, this means that (if internal resolution is increased in Dolphin) you may be able to view some textures at a staggering 6832x3480 resolution! Taking into account that you are using the provided widescreen hack of course. The 1080p version is scaled to 4x the default resolution, which still results to slightly above 1080p.

  • My goal with this texture pack is to enhance the original game visuals while staying faithful to the original vision. That means my textures are meant to blend in as much as possible with the old textures so the game feel doesn't change (with some exceptions, feedback is appreciated).

  • This texture pack is made for Dolphin and includes shader presets to provide nice graphical features like Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (self shadowing around meshes), Bloom, Depth of Field, Tone Mapping and much more. And you can tweak it to make the game look however you like!

  • This texture pack will work with any custom mods / hacks of Luigi's Mansion as long as they aren't adding new textures or changing old ones (in that case, conflicting textures will be overwritten by one another but it will still work).


  • Currently, only NTCS textures have been modified. You can still use this texture pack on Japanense / European / Korean versions of the game in Dolphin, it will still work and load the existing textures just fine. This will not include the region specific textures though (if there are any).

  • If you don't like the way my texture pack looks (colors, contrast or general look), please note that all post processing can be modified easily from user to user to fit your own preference, you can make it look however you like. Simply press the "HOME" key while in-game and configure the post processing in ReShade easily and immediately!

  • If you are having issues with stuttering and lag, remember to check "Prefetch Custom Textures" in the 'Advanced' tab of the Graphics settings before asking for help. I also recommend enabling V-Sync as it removes screen tearing in full screen mode.​

  • Feel free to join my Discord server for updates on all my texture packs!


Here are some other nice features not available in the original game I've listed out the top of my head;

  • Better visuals (Higher resolution textures, material maps, rim lighting, depth of field, ambient occlusion, global illumination, tonemapping, post processing shaders and even ray tracing which is coming at a later date!)

  • iOS & Android Support

  • Ultra Widescreen Support (21:9 or even higher)

  • Superior mods and modding tools

  • Free Cam

  • Supports original and third part gamecube controllers

  • Supports a plethora of cheats and patches

  • Stereoscopic 3D support

  • VR Potential

  • Supports nearly all gamepads. Including PS4, Xbox One, GameCube, Joy-Con or the Switch Pro Controller. Including gyro / motion control emulation on PS4, Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers.


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There is no installation! A custom version of Dolphin is provided alongside the texture pack. Simply extract the folder somewhere and start Dolphin using "Luigi's Mansion 4K (edition version).exe". If you're on Mac or Linux, please manually download Dolphin from this page for your operating system and copy the "User" folder from the texture pack over to your default Dolphin directory (replace conflicting files if prompted).

How do I get the game rom?

No game files are distributed with this texture pack, since that would be illegal. You need to get the game .iso yourself. The legal way is to dump the game yourself from your own Wii or Wii U console. See these instructions!


If you encounter any issues with the texture pack please post them on the Forums or on Discord!



Download 4x (1080p)

Download 8x (4K) (Patreon Release)


If you want, become a Patron and get all my texture pack updates two weeks early, as well as access to the max resolution version of the texture pack!



  • A massive update with over 60 new 4K textures!

  • Added a new "Post Processing" and "Standard Edition" selection at the start. The post processing edition includes lots more graphical effects and can look really nice- if your hardware can handle it! Th standard edition on the other hand still looks great but doesn't affect performance or compatibility nearly as much.

  • Android support is here, finally! Pre-compiled Android versions are Patreon exclusive, but you can easily build them yourself too using the Custom Texture Tool by BigHead.


  • This update includes over 40 new textures covering several areas of the game! This includes the third floor and the outer gardens.

  • Much simplified installation, the texture pack now comes pre-installed in a fork of Dolphin called "Ishiiruka Dolphin" with the optimal pre-configured settings set by default. Just click play and enjoy!

  • Shaders are now included by default! This includes visual enhancements like Rim Lighting, Ambient Occlusion, Global Illumination, Tesselation and custom made Material Maps to provide depth and increased detail on textures!

  • Android support is finally here! Enjoy the game with 4K textures on your mobile device anywhere!

  • Fixed several bugs, including the one where the mirror in the lobby would display as a black void.

  • Fixed an issue where some transparent objects were completely opaque.

  • Fixed an issue where the PAL (European/Australian) version of the game wouldn't recognize the textures unless the textures folder was renamed.

  • Optimized file size and load times by using the DDS BC7 format! Yes, this is the second time I'm using BC7- but I won't revert now, I promise!


  • Many bug fixes thanks to awesome contributor Com32! Changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Fixed lightning bolt-texture (no longer fully opaque)

  • Fixed the logo to fit nicer on the title screen

  • Fixed eye blinking

  • Fixed some glitchy UI elements, including the boo in the pause screen

  • Fixed some other bugged textures, including the purple hearts that appear when Luigi gets hurt.


  • Added over 190 new textures and re-textured some previous textures as well

  • Fixed a some bugs that were present in prior versions of the texture pack. Please report any and all bugs in the comments of this thread!

  • Reverted back to the PNG image format because it only takes up 20% more space and is practically lossless in terms of quality. It's also a lot easier for me to maintain the texture pack that way.

  • Changed recommended Ishiiruka Dolphin version to it's most recent version, as the bugs present in previous updates have been patched.


  • Fixed a glitched texture which caused mirrors to not work correctly

  • Updated the pack to use the BC7 format!


  • Initial release