Why do I need to pay (be a Member or Patron) to use song requests in chat?

There are two primary reasons:

  • By limiting song requests by a small paywall the quality of song requests are ensured to be much higher than if anyone could just join in and request any troll song. It also reduces the chance of someone getting around the system and requesting as many songs as they please ruining the experience for everyone else. 

  • Hosting the stream costs money, since I need to pay for the electricity, internet connection and also hardware upgrades and maintenance. Not to speak of the time required to make sure it's all up to date with new features. Since YouTube instantly claims my streams as "not suitable for advertisers", I earn nothing in terms of ad-revenue from Nintendo Radio. Donations are what keeps the stream alive!

Is there a full song playlist somewhere?

There is! You find it among other things on my website here.

Wait… X-song isn’t Nintendo!

I’m lenient regarding which songs are allowed or not. As long as they fit the Nintendo theme and are video game related they might have a chance to get added to the playlist. Of course, non-Nintendo songs are relatively rare and often you’ll get to enjoy second or first party Nintendo tracks. All songs go through review and verification by me, and songs that listeners don’t enjoy can be voted out from the playlist.

How do I become a moderator?

Who will get the chance to become the next moderator is decided by the current staff team and is a lengthy process with many criteria that need to be met.

All Game Soundtracks in the Current Playlist

List of all the songs added so far (Full playlist!)

Already Requested Game Soundtracks (but not yet added):

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains
Battle Clash
Balloon Fight
Bayonetta 2
Bayonetta 3 (not yet released)
Blast Corps (N64)
Blaster Master
Blaster Master Zero
Bomberman 64
Bomberman Hero
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure
Breath of Fire
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Detective Pikachu
Demon's Crest
Donkey Kong (Arcade)
Donkey Kong. Jr
Donkey Kong 3
Doom (SNES)
Doom 2 (SNES)
Doshin the Giant
Duck Hunt
Duelist of the Roses
Dr. Luigi
Dragon Quest III
Dragon Warrior
Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim 2
Extreme G
F-Zero X
Freakyforms Deluxe
Goemon’s Great Adventure
Ghostbusters (NES)
Ghostbusters 2 (NES)
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade [FE6]
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance [FE9]
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade [FE7]
Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland
Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge
Guilty Gear Accent Core+
Holy Magic Century
Hotel Mario
Ice Climbers (NES)
Illusion of Time
Inazuma Eleven
Inazuma Eleven 2
Inazuma Eleven 3: Team Ogre Attacks!
Inazuma Eleven Strikers
Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stones
Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stones
Jet Force Gemini
Journey to Silius
Kid Icarus (NES)
Kirby Fighters Deluxe
Kirby Mass Attack
Kingdom Hearts: 238/2 Days
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded
Klonoa (Wii)
Layton’s Mystery Journey
Magical Starsign
Mario Bros. (Aracade)
Mario Party
Mario Party 3
Mario Party 4
Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7
Mario Party 8
Mario Party DS
Mario Strikers Charged Football
Mario Super Sluggers
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Mega Man 7
Mega Man 8
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 11
Mega Man X Anniversary Collection
Mega Man X2
Mega Man Zero
Mega Man Zero 2
Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge
Metroid Prime: Pinball
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Murder by Numbers
Nintendogs + Cats
Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog
Pandora’s Tower
Perfect Dark
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Pikmin: Let’s Go!
Pilotwings (SNES)
PokéPark 2
Pokémon Art Academy
Pokémon Channel (GCN)
Pokémon Conquest
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Pokémon Ranger
Pokémon Rumble U
Pokémon Shuffle
Pokkén Tournament
Pokémon: Battle Revolution
Pullblox / Pushmo
Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Rayman 3: Hoodlums Havoc
River City Ransom
Rhythm Heaven
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Scribblenauts Unmasked
Secret of Evermore
Skylanders Giants
Snowboard Kids (N64)
Sonic Advance
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Advance 3
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic and the Black Knight
Sonic Pinball Party
Soul Blazer
Star Fox Zero
Sunset Riders
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Top Gear Rally (N64)
Tingle’s Balloon Fight DS
Trade & Battle: Card Hero
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love
Wario’s Woods
Wario Land
Wario Land 4
Wave Race
Wave Race 64
World of Final Fantasy
Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel
Yu-gi-oh!! The Falsebound Kingdom
Yu-gi-oh!! The Dark Duel
Yu-gi-oh!! Forbidden Memories
Yu-gi-oh!! Millenium Duelists
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Already Added Game Soundtracks (can not be requested to be added anymore):

 A Hat in Time
 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures
 Animal Crossing
 Animal Crossing City Folk
 Animal Crossing New Horizons
 Animal Crossing New Leaf
 Animal Crossing Wild World
 Apollo Justice Ace Attorney
 Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag
 Astral Chain
 Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
 Bravely Default
 Bravely Default 2
 Bravely Second - End Layer
 Bubble Bobble
 Cadence of Hyrule
 Castlevania Dracula X
 Castlevania II - Simon's Quest
 Castlevania Judgement
 Castlevania Legacy of Darkness
 Castlevania Symphony of the Night
 Cave Story
 Children of Mana
 Chrono Cross
 Chrono Trigger
 Chrono Trigger Orchestrated
 Conker's Bad Fur Day
 Contra III - The Alien Wars
 Custom Requests
 Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
 Dark Souls
 Diddy Kong Racing
 Diddy Kong Racing DS
 Disgaea 5
 Donkey Kong 64
 Donkey Kong Country
 Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest
 Donkey Kong Country 3
 Donkey Kong Country Returns
 Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
 Dr. Mario
 DRAGON QUEST XI S - Echoes of an Elusive Age
 DuckTales Remastered
 Etrian Odyssey
 Fantasy Life
 Final Fantasy
 Final Fantasy III
 Final Fantasy IV
 Final Fantasy IX
 Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
 Final Fantasy V
 Final Fantasy VI
 Final Fantasy VII
 Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
 Final Fantasy VII Remake
 Final Fantasy X
 Fire Emblem Awakening
 Fire Emblem Echoes - Shadows of Valentia
 Fire Emblem Fates
 Fire Emblem NES
 Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn
 Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones
 Fire Emblem Three Houses
 F-Zero GX AX
 Ganbare Goemon (Legend of the Mystical Ninja)
 Ganbare Goemon Gaiden
 Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 Tenka no Zaihō
 Golden Sun
 Goldeneye 007
 Gradius III
 Harvest Moon
 Hollow Knight
 Hyrule Warriors
 I Am Setsuna
 Illusion of Gaia
 Kid Icarus Uprising
 Killer Instinct
 Kirby - Right Back at Ya!
 Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra
 Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards
 Kirby Air Ride
 Kirby Planet Robobot
 Kirby Squeak Squad
 Kirby Star Allies
 Kirby Super Star
 Kirby Triple Deluxe
 Kirby's Epic Yarn
 Kirby's Nightmare in Dream Land
 Kirby's Return to Dream Land
 Lion King SNES
 Little Town Hero
 Lufia & The Fortress of Doom
 Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals
 Luigi's Mansion
 Luigi's Mansion 2 Dark Moon
 Luigi's Mansion 3
 Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
 Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros
 Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Bros
 Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
 Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - Sochi 2014
 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
 Mario Kart 64
 Mario Kart 7
 Mario Kart 8
 Mario Kart Double Dash!!
 Mario Kart DS
 Mario Kart Wii
 Mario Party 10
 Mario Party 2
 Mario Party 5
 Mario Party 9
 Mario Party The Top 100
 Mario Sports Mix
 Mega Man
 Mega Man II
 Mega Man III
 Mega Man IV
 Mega Man V
 Mega Man VI
 Mega Man X
 Metroid - Samus Returns
 Metroid Prime
 Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes
 Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption
 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
 Monster Hunter Generations
 Monster Hunter Tri
 MOTHER 1, Earthbound Zero
 MOTHER 2, Earthbound
 Mother Series Orchestral Music
 New Super Mario Bros. 2
 New Super Mario Bros. DS
 New Super Mario Bros. U
 New Super Mario Bros. Wii
 Ninja Gaiden
 Nintendo Land
 Octopath Traveler
 Ogre Battle 64
 Paper Mario
 Paper Mario Color Splash
 Paper Mario Sticker Star
 Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

 Paper Mario The Origami King
 Persona 5
 Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
 Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations
 Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Orchestra Concert 2019
 Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy
 Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice
 Pikmin 2
 Pikmin 3
 Pilotwings Resort
 Pokémon Animé
 Pokemon Animé Advanced Generation
 Pokémon Black & White
 Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2
 Pokémon Colosseum
 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
 Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen
 Pokémon Gameboy
 Pokémon Gold & Silver
 Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
 Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee!
 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky
 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX
 Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
 Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire & Emerald
 Pokemon Snap
 Pokémon Stadium
 Pokémon Sun & Moon
 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
 Pokémon Sword & Shield
 Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
 Pokemon X & Y
 Professor Layton and Pandora's Box
 Professor Layton and The Azran Legacy
 Professor Layton and the Curious Village
 Professor Layton And the Last Specter
 Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles
 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
 Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney
 Punch-Out!! (Wii)
 Puyo Puyo Tetris
 Secret of Mana
 Shovel Knight
 Silver Surfer
 Sim City
 Sim City 2000
 Sonic Adventure
 Sonic Adventure 2
 Sonic CD
 Sonic Colors
 Sonic Fighters
 Sonic Forces
 Sonic Generations
 Sonic Lost World
 Sonic Mania
 Sonic R
 Sonic Rush
 Sonic The Hedgehog
 Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)
 Sonic The Hedgehog 2
 Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
 Sonic Unleashed
 Splatoon 2
 Splatoon 2 Octo-Expansion
 Spyro Reignited Trilogy
 Star Fox
 Star Fox 64
 Star Fox 64 3D
 Star Fox Adventures
 Street Fighter II Turbo
 Super Castlevania IV
 Super Kirby Clash
 Super Mario 3D Land
 Super Mario 3D World
 Super Mario 64
 Super Mario Bros
 Super Mario Bros. 2
 Super Mario Bros. 2 ALL-STARS
 Super Mario Bros. 3
 Super Mario Bros. 3 ALL-STARS
 Super Mario Bros. ALL-STARS
 Super Mario Galaxy
 Super Mario Galaxy 2
 Super Mario Kart
 Super Mario Land
 Super Mario Land 2 - Six Golden Coins
 Super Mario Maker
 Super Mario Maker 2
 Super Mario Odyssey
 Super Mario Party
 Super Mario RPG
 Super Mario Run
 Super Mario Strikers
 Super Mario Sunshine
 Super Mario World
 Super Meat Boy
 Super Metroid
 Super Monkey Ball
 Super Monkey Ball 2
 Super Paper Mario
 Super Smash Bros. (N64)
 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
 Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS
 Super Smash Bros. Melee
 Super Smash Bros. Melee Smashing... Live!
 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
 Taiko no Tatsujin
 Tales of Phantasia
 Tales of Symphonia
 Team Sonic Racing
 Tetris 99
 The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
 The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion
 The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim
 The Witcher 3 - Blood and Wine DLC
 The Witcher 3 - Hearts of Stone DLC
 The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt
 Tomodachi Life
 Trauma Center - Under the Knife 2
 Trials of Mana
 Wario World
 WarioWare D.I.Y
 Wii Fit
 Wii Music
 Wii Party
 Wii Party U
 Wii Play
 Wii Play Motion
 Wii Sports
 Wii Sports Resort
 Wii U
 Xenoblade Chronicles
 Xenoblade Chronicles 2
 Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Torna ~ The Golden Country
 Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
 Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
 Xenoblade Chronicles X
 Yoshi's Crafted World
 Yoshi's Island
 Yoshi's Story
 Yoshi's Woolly World
 Zelda 30th Anniversary Orchestra
 Zelda A Link Between Worlds
 Zelda A Link to the Past
 Zelda Breath of the Wild
 Zelda Concert 2018
 Zelda Four Swords Adventures
 Zelda II The Adventure of Link
 Zelda Link's Awakening
 Zelda Link's Awakening Switch
 Zelda Majora's Mask
 Zelda Minish Cap
 Zelda NES
 Zelda Ocarina of Time
 Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons
 Zelda Orchestrated
 Zelda Phantom Hourglass
 Zelda Skyward Sword
 Zelda Spirit Tracks
 Zelda The Wind Waker
 Zelda Tri Force Heroes
 Zelda Twilight Princess

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