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Hi! Welcome to my HD texture pack information page for Super Mario 3D Land!

Some general info regarding this texture pack which you should read before you download it;


  • There are ~4000 textures in total in the game (I have tried to dump every single one, however I may have missed a few). Out of these textures a few hundred have been completely re-textured. Many other textures have been been up-scaled using A.I upscaling. Some filtered textures have been modified or changed entirely to look better as well. Some textures remain completely untouched until I've worked on them since some textures look bad when upscaled.

  • I am completely up for suggestions, changes and submissions. You will of course be fully credited for any work you submit.

  • The 4K version of the texture pack is scaled to 8x the default resolution, this means that (if internal resolution is increased in Citra) you may be able to view some textures at a staggering 6832x3480 resolution! The 1080p version is scaled to 4x the default resolution, which still results to slightly above 1080p.

  • My goal with this texture pack is to enhance the original game visuals while staying faithful to the original vision. That means my textures are meant to blend in as much as possible with the old textures so the game feel doesn't change (with some exceptions, feedback is appreciated).

  • This texture pack is made for Citra and includes custom shader presets to provide nice graphical features like Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (self shadowing around meshes), Bloom, Depth of Field, Tone Mapping and much more. And you can tweak it to make the game look however you like!

  • This texture pack will work with any custom mods / hacks of Super Mario 3D Land as long as they aren't adding new textures or changing old ones (in that case, conflicting textures will be overwritten by one another but it will still work).​


  • Currently, only NTCS textures have been modified. You can still use this texture pack on Japanense / European / Korean versions of the game in Citra, it will still work and load the existing textures just fine. This will not include the region specific textures though (if there are any). Make sure to run the "Region Changer" script inside the coresponding folder if you're playing a version that's not NTSC (North American!)

  • If you don't like the way my texture pack looks (colors, contrast or general look), please note that all post processing can be modified easily from user to user to fit your own preference, you can make it look however you like. Simply press the "Home" key on your keyboard while in-game and configure the post processing in ReShade easily and immediately!

  • If you are having issues with stuttering and lag, remember to check "Prefetch Custom Textures" in the 'Advanced' tab of the Graphics settings before asking for help. I also recommend enabling V-Sync as it removes screen tearing in full screen mode.​

Here are some other nice features not available in the original game I've listed out the top of my head;

  • Better visuals (Higher resolution textures, material maps, rim lighting, depth of field, ambient occlusion, global illumination, tonemapping, post processing shaders and even ray tracing which is coming at a later date!)

  • Android Support (Also Nvidia Shield, Steamdeck, Aya NEO etc.)

  • Superior mods and modding tools (less performance limitations)

  • Supports original and third party GameCube controllers using the official GameCube Adapter

  • Supports a plethora of cheats and patches

  • Stereoscopic 3D support

  • VR Potential

  • Supports nearly all gamepads. Including PS4, Xbox One, GameCube, Joy-Con or the Switch Pro Controller. Including gyro / motion control emulation on PS4, Joy-Con and Switch Pro controllers.

Video Showcase

Please watch in 2160p 60 FPS for the best experience!

Comparison Screenshots


For Windows users: There is minimal installation! A special version of the Citra Emulator is provided alongside the new custom textures. Simply extract the folder on your desktop (or if that's not possible, preferably on your fastest hard drive), and start Citra using "citra-qt.exe" then get your own dumped game rom of Super Mario 3D Land and load it. NO GAME ROM OR GAME FILES ARE INCLUDED WITH THIS TEXTURE PACK. DO NOT ASK FOR THEM HERE OR ON DISCORD, OR YOU WILL BE MUTED.


If you're on Mac or Linux: please manually download Citra from this page for your operating system and copy all the folders and files inside from the texture pack's "user" folder over to your default Citra directory. On macOS and most distributions of Linux, that would be inside of ~/.local/share/citra-emu/. Then make sure to enable "Load Custom Textures" in the Citra Graphics Settings > Advanced tab, or else the custom textures won't load!

For SteamDeck users:

For SteamDeck users: the installation is slightly different, and there are two alternate ways to do it (one is a fair bit simpler than the other):

Method #1- Using RetroDeck: Follow the instructions here on how to install texture packs into RetroDeck (faster and simpler than installing manually)


Method #2- The manual method: Go into desktop mode. First install Citra manually using something like Flatpak. If you installed Citra using Flatpak or Emudeck, your Citra directory will be located inside of ~/.var/app/org.citra_emu.citra/data/citra-emu - You must first right click inside the Citra directory > Menu > Check the box for "Show Hidden Files" or else you may not be able to access the citra folder. This will make it possible to navigate to the necessary citra-emu folder. The rest of the installation is the same as for Linux/MacOS, which you can find above.

For Android users, the process is very similar to that of Mac and Linux. First download the latest Citra Enhanced APK from here, install it on your device and try running your game rom in it to make sure everything is working before installing the texture pack itself. Next, download the 1080p version of the texture pack on your device (the 4K version might not work on some android devices) and extract it using any .zip unarchival app (some android versions have this feature built in, whilst some require a third party app to unzip .zip files). Once that is done, open the texture pack folder and navigate to the user > load > textures folder.

Next, copy the folder called "0004000000054000" to this location on your device; Internal Storage/citra-emu/load/textures

IMPORTANT: If you are playing the European (PAL) version of the game, you MUST rename the folder from 0004000000054000 to 0004000000053F00 or else the custom textures won't display!

Now finally, enable the "Load Custom Textures" option inside the Citra Enhanced Graphics Settings. Then set the "Internal Resolution" in the Graphics Settings to a higher value than the default 1x (start with 2x and increase from there, if it starts to lag lower the internal resolution again). Play and enjoy!

How do I get the game rom?

No game files are distributed with this texture pack, since that would be illegal. You need to get the game rom file yourself. The legal way is to dump the game yourself from your own 3DS or 2DS console. See these instructions!


If you encounter any issues with the texture pack please post them on the Forums or on Discord!




If you want, become a Patron and get all my texture pack updates four weeks early as well as priority support and other goodies (and you support the development of future updates to all texture packs, too!)

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions):

Some textures are looking really weird / being replaced with other textures!

  • This is a known issue and is likely the result of a bug in Citra where custom textures don't load in at the correct locations if the amount of free memory is running low. The fix is surprisingly simple, just disable "Linear Filtering" inside of the Citra Graphics Settings and restart the game. Keep in mind that you should refrain from loading save states frequently, since it's prone to make the bug appear more frequently. You should only save and load the game through the in-game save system, if possible.

Why is the game crashing / displaying "A fatal error occured"?

  • Generally, this error is caused by the save data folder being located too far into other folders, causing the character limit in Windows to get exceeded when the game is trying to load or save data. Try moving the whole texture pack folder out onto your desktop or some other folder close to the root drive and see if that fixes the issue!

Why is my game lagging a lot, even though my hardware should be enough? (I have an AMD graphics card/GPU)

  • This is likely the result of AMD's poor OpenGL drivers for windows that's causing the issues. Try disabling Hardware Shaders in Emulation>Configuration>Graphics>Advanced Tab and see if that makes an improvement!

My game is crashing at seemingly random instances / when entering a new scene or area!

  • This is usually caused by your graphics card not supporting OpenGL 3.3, possibly due to outdated graphics drivers, or a corrupt disk shader cache. It can be fixed by simply opening up the Citra Graphics settings, go to the "Advanced" tab and uncheck "Use Disk Shader Cache". Next, go to the "Enhancements" tab in the Citra Graphics settings and set the active Post-Processing Shader to "none (builtin)".


1.1.0 (2021-06-16):

  • 50+ new environment textures covering many stages!

  • Much improved (and simplified) installation process. It's practically click and play!

  • Fixed numerous bugs, including the infamous "black platforms" bug, Mario's miscolored face and more.

  • Added default controller presets for GameCube and Xbox gamepads.

  • Improved support for ReShade and post processing effects like Ambient Occlusion and Bloom.

1.0.0 (2020-07-01):

  • Initial release

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